Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time for the BIG Reveal!

Time for the 6th Annual BSBP R-E-V-E-A-L...

If you didn't see my post about the bead soup Jami Shipp sent me check this post out first:

The agate focal I received in my bead soup is very much outside of my color comfort zone since I usually lean toward brighter colors.  I was really glad though because one of my reasons for joining this party is to stretch my creativity.

I wanted to really jump in to this bead soup so I looked through my bead stash to see what I had that would work well with the focal and I decided to pair it with some turquoise beads (howlite maybe).  

Here is the necklace I made...
The toggle was copper which was great because I have been playing with copper lately. I was thrilled to use a metal I haven't used a lot but I really love!
The copper wire I had  was very bright and shiny which was not going to work.  I decided to antique it to match the toggle color better.  I put the wire into a bowl of vinegar and sea salt for a minute then let it air dry without wiping it off which worked very quickly in turning my wire dark and giving it a patina very quickly.
The tiny brown disks are shell beads from Michaels. I love the deep turquoise color of these little beads.
I got the silk pieces from Suzanne Berk a super sweet lady, a fellow artisan and HUGE animal that!!
I went much more artsy than I usually do and I got to use some new materials and techniques that I am happy about.

I also wanted to use the beautiful flat shell coins I got so here is a bracelet that also has some of the same tiny shell disks I used in the necklace. 

I handwrapped a tiny bell glass flower on a bronze ball headpin as well as a crystal in champagne ab.

I would love to hear what you think so feel free to comment below.

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 Thanks Lori Anderson, you are the BEST!!


  1. Fantastic work! I love love love the necklace! Is it ok if I love it some more? Ha! I never know what to do with focals with large holes in the center of them. I think you did a fantastic job with it and I really love the texture and movement of the piece. <3

  2. Oh,these are my favorite colors to work with! I love both of these pieces.

  3. Cory, you are amazing! You did a wonderful job with the whole kaboodle. I love blues and browns together! It is just so lovely the necklace and the bracelet are just undeniably gorgeous! I love the wirework and the baubles. It all works so well together. I cannot say how awesome it has been being your partner. Let's keep in touch!

  4. Oooh I love the turquoise and orange/browns together--what a beautiful combination and the necklace and bracelet--Stunning!!

  5. Love the colour combo, and the silk adds a really nice level of texture ... I just really love that wire wrapping on the top of the focal =)

  6. Incredible the color and fabric. You did a beautiful job.

  7. Totally smitten! Love the ingenious use of various different mediums without overcrowding the design. Great work!

  8. Very nice colour combination,pretty design I love it

  9. I love it all! The colors, the patina on the wire, the fibers. Beautiful job!

  10. Super use of materials, and we would never guess that you felt out of your comfort zone!

  11. Copper and blue.... Oh dear, you are right up my alley ! I love how you used the ribbon in the necklace.

  12. Teal is such a pretty colour.Nicely done.Love and hugs Tanya

  13. Wonderful colors and creative work!
    Silk is always a beauty to add if You know how ...and You do!!

  14. I love the necklace! The colors go so well together and the textures of the fiber and brass chain are great!

  15. I like what you did with the focal. It definitely made me stare at the otherwise simple agate focal. Nice necklace!

  16. looks great! Love what you did with the focal

  17. The necklace is sensational. I love the way you put the focal on! I love the balance in your bracelet. A really great job all around!

  18. Great job on the soup!
    I love both of these pieces!

  19. Wonderful colors. Beautiful designs!

  20. Beautiful necklace! I really love the wire wrapping with beads on your focal - what a great effect!

  21. OMG! NI love the wire-wrapped focal! Ir's just beautiful! The bracelet is also gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

  22. the blues perfectly pop against the darker colours you got, nice work!

  23. Love love love the necklace - nice job!

  24. Both pieces are beautiful, but the necklace is a stunner. Love the dangles from the focal-adds a really unique element to the design!

  25. Cory, this is wonderful! I really like the colors you used and how you finished off the donut. I have some of these sitting here waiting on insipration...and you have done it!! Very very nice jewelry creation.

  26. Just beautiful, Cory!! I love the way you used the focal!

  27. very good necklace, i like it very much!regards!

  28. I am so in love with that necklace! The color contrast is super, and that bail is so very cool! Thanks for the tip on antiquing, I'm going to try that. Great job!!

  29. I think the colors are very interesting and the use of the focal bead was very creative. Very nice!

  30. Amazing necklace with beautiful detail. I love the warmth and richness of both pieces. I'm in love with copper lately, too!

  31. Beautiful work! I love the turquoise-tones with that orange focal!

    I keep thinking about trying some patina but never think of it while I'm in the midst of creating.. and a quick dip in vinegar and sea salt...! heck I have those! lol

  32. What a beautiful necklace and bracelet. That turquoise green goes so well with the warm caramel of the focal bead. Love your wrapping. Great job!

  33. absolutely gorgeous.. one of my favs so far.

  34. What a great color combination! The wrap you did on the amber focal piece was incredible - the double row of round beads was so creative. Nice job!

  35. Awesome designs! And the color combination is outstanding ! Nicely done!

  36. Yum, Yum. I must say I love how you wrapped that caramel delight. That was so clever to add the beads as you wrapped. Great job!

  37. LOVE that necklace! The beading on the bail is gorgeous, and I love the inclusion of fiber. Rocked it!

  38. Here is what I think: COMPLETELY STUNNING!
    jean yates

  39. For someone that doesn't work with the muted colors, you rose to the challenge and more. That necklace is totally incredible.

  40. Great soup! Love the beads on the bale, the danglies and the bracelet too :) Great job! Think I'm going to have to hunt down some brown shell.

  41. Your wire wrapping is beautiful, I love the look!

  42. I REALLY likey!!!!
    I love turquoise & brown together.

  43. Lovely it..!
    I love your work..!

  44. Fantastic! I really love the blue tones with the copper.

  45. What gorgeous colors, great designs, love your work.

  46. Love the mix of ingredients in your pieces! The necklace is stunning!

  47. When you stepped outside your comfort zone, you didn't take tiny baby steps but boldly went where you had not been before. Wonderful job.

  48. Loved how you wrapped your toggle. My reveal is not until second date. Stop on by then at

  49. I'm just loving the colors in those pieces! Earth and sky, or caramel and blueberries, or whatever you want to call it, it's awesome. And the wirework is just stunning, too! Great job!

  50. Love the combination of teals with copper! Outstanding!

  51. There's so much I love about your post. First, thanks for the tip on how you darkened your copper. I'm always looking for a good. non-harsh way to do it and this sounds PERFECT! Thanks.
    While you said this is out of your comfort zone, I would have never known. That necklace is a simply gorgeous piece that looks like it was simply natural for you to design. As well, your bracelet is really cute and wearable.
    Wonderful work!! :)

  52. The turquoise looks great with the agate. Brilliant move!

  53. I love the color combos. Nice designs and nice details.

  54. Baw, the agate focal looks so nice with the "turquoise" and the copper. Great design, love it. <3

  55. Hi Cory, Gorgeous designs I love, love, love the necklace it is so beautiful. Awesome job on all.

  56. You know I don't think I will ever tire of brown and blue combinations. This is really pretty, with a slight retro feel. I love all the little details you pulled together, great job!

  57. I love the necklace and the bracelet. Very nice designs

  58. Beautiful work here, I'd wear the necklace in an instant/

  59. well, you just so happened to use some of my favorite color combos so of course i love it! i love how you incorporated the fiber...beautiful!

  60. Beautiful work. I love the wire wrapped ribbon in the necklace. The small blue rounds at the top of the orange square are a nice touch. :)

  61. I just LOVE what you did with your soup! Absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE that necklace and how you designed it! Inspiring!!! =)

  62. Very interesting colors. Thanx for the tip on sea salt & vinegar. I may give it a try as I need to darken a couple of copper pieces for my BSBP pieces.

  63. Those beads are not my cup of tea, mostly because of the colors. BUT! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with them! That necklace is amazing! It just goes to show you that you really can do amazing things with what you are given!

  64. love what you created and the necklace turned out awesome love the beautiful blues you added to match the focal.

  65. very nice pieces, i like both!

  66. Nice job with your bead soup! Awesome designs!

  67. For someone who doesn't use those colors regularly, I think you did a smashing job. Just lovely. Thanks also for the tip about the sea salt & vinegar I needed a quick & non toxic patina recipe.

  68. I love the colors. I use them a lot. You did a wonderful job on the wire wrap of the focal. Adding the tiny beads is a great idea.

  69. I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to all of the wonderful and inspiring comments you have all left here. I am overwhelmed!

  70. Very pretty! I love how you used the fiber in the first necklace.

  71. Absolutely adore your color combination! It's always all about the color, for me. This became a just gorgeous piece, and an inspiration for me as to how to use all that brown I keep getting. :-)

  72. love the necklace, perfect colors!
    ciao dall'Italia

  73. Gorgeous pieces, love your color palette! I especially like the way you wrapped your pendant. Inspiring I am going to dig out my turquoise and play.

  74. That is a stunning piece and you have done such a great job with it. I love how you wrapped the beads and wire around the donut. Beautiful work and beautifully done.

    Melissa Muir

  75. I really like all the wrapped fibers in your necklace. It turned out so pretty. And yes, very artsy but also very wearable. I also love the colours you used - so pleasing to the eye. Thanks for commenting on my reveal pieces. And just for you, I think I will do a post on how to make a connecter bead using air-dry clay and resin :-).

  76. Quite honestly, I wish this necklace was mine! I'd wear it in a heartbeat I love it so much :) You did an amazing job putting it all together and I think the different material and techniques you used gave it so much depth and dimension!

    That bracelet is such a little beauty, too ^.^

    Happy Hopping!

  77. Love the colors and the fibers and the wire wrapping :-) I guess I love it all!

  78. very cool!!! Love what you did with your soup! And how you changed the colours into something else...;-))

  79. Your pieces are fabulous!! I especially love the necklace!

  80. Love your set! Gorgeous colors and design - perfect!

  81. That's a wonderful idea to wrap the focal with a big hole - very neat. I love the necklace: the colour mix, the media mix, the feeling of it - very artsy, but very wearable at the same time. The bracelet is gorgeous too!

  82. Love, love, LOVE the bail you made! That is brilliant! I would never had thought of that. The teal/turquoise is such a deep and rich color and I love it with that pop of mustard. Beautiful! Enjoy the day. Erin


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