Monday, January 13, 2014

New Directions

Happy New Year!

I love BEADS!!  Yep, I said it.  I especially love art beads.  Since I got a little money for Christmas I decided to try making some.  A few months ago I bought some air dry clay to play with and I really loved the feel of clay in my hands and what I was able to make.  

I decided to try Polymer Clay since it can be baked to become a solid, hard bead or pendant that can be used in jewelry design.  So far I really love it.

Some finished pieces...

And some unfinished...

I like to just jump in and try things out when I get new "toys" and the pictures above are just me playing with stamps, paint and textures.  

Now I am learning about mixing colors and trying some basic techniques to get a good foundation in this medium. I also bought some mold maker to design some of my own impressions...I promise to share when I get to that part.

What new mediums or techniques are you trying this year?