Monday, June 23, 2014

Color Mixing and Polymer Clay Bead Making Class

About a month ago I saw a post on Facebook that Heather Powers was doing a new online class called The Art of Color Polymer Clay Bootcamp.  I was so excited not only to learn about color, but to do it using Polymer Clay!  I think the best part is that I can learn from one of my favorite bead artists!!  I knew I HAD to take this class.

Week 1 has been amazing, this is a 4 week course but we have lifetime access to the "classroom" so the fact that I work a FT job is okay.  I can work at my own pace.  Heather has been so great with her gentle teaching style, she gives advice and let's us figure some things out on our own.  That's perfect for me, I don't want to be told all the answers, if I can figure something out I will retain it so much better.  

Here are my 2 color wheels from this week.  

CMY Color Wheel Polymer Clay

RYB Color Wheel Polymer Clay

 Here's my complimentary palette chosen from 2 colors in one of the wheels above.
Polymer Clay Color Palette

and the canes I made using the palette
Polymer Clay stripe cane and leaf cane

and some beads I made using the canes

Polymer Clay beads

Polymer Clay beads using stripe cane

Polymer clay beads with cane slices

I'm excited to see what we will be doing this week but I also want to explore lots more of these complimentary palette's to see what the other colors look like.

I will post more pictures of what I make next week.