Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 Reasons You Will LoVe Tophatter

Have you checked out the new auction in town?  It's called Tophatter and, fair warning... logo

it is addictive.

Here are 5 reasons I think you are going to LoVe Tophatter:

Great Deals
Antique Bronze Romantic Necklace
Tophatter auction items have a starting price of at least 50% off retail price!  I have seen some really cute stuff (called "Lots") go for way less than you would normally buy it for!!  Lots of items start at $1 and $2 too.

Great products
So many fabulous handmade items, many one of a kind (OOAK) peices too!  They have categories like Jewelry, Home, Bath/Beauty, Artwork, Supplies and more.  They also have Early Bird and Night Owl Bazars where you can find lots of different items.

Wooden Beads
The excitement
This is a fun way to shop...get in there, bid on something and see if you can win it!!  The auctions go fast so make sure to check out the items beforehand and you can even request text reminders for those items you don't want to miss.

Something New
No...auctions are not a new concept, but I haven't seen one like Tophatter yet.  There is a little cartoon auctioneer and cartoon people (one of which is you) all standing in a room or standing outside bidding, chatting and, in general, having a great time.  Many times you get to "see" the seller. Sellers have a chance to stand up next to the caller and talk about their item "on the block". They will answer your questions too, in real time. auction screenshot

The Community
There are lots of people to talk to and "meet" in these auctions.  There is a running conversation on the screen so not only will you be able to talk to the seller (if they are there) you can discuss the items with other bidders and watchers.  The audience conversation goes off topic a lot and gets silly at times which can be lots of fun too.  Great way to make new online friends! 
Aquamarine AB2X Swarovski Ring

I am selling my first item on Tophatter tonight at 7pm CST (5pm Pacific). My first sale will be one of my Swarovski Crystal Rings, starting bid just $3!!

Tophatter Auction Credit
Oh, I almost forgot...Tophatter is also giving credits for certain auctions.  I received a $5 credit toward my first purchase and just this morning I had another credit for $3 so don't forget to look for those once you are logged in!

I would love to sell lots of jewelry and jewelry supplies this way so come check it out, say Hi to me if I am online and let me know what you think.

Good luck!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Very First Wedding

Genuine Swarovski Pearls and Crystals handwoven necklace
This past Saturday a necklace I made was worn in a wedding.  This was such a special moment for me as a jewelry designer. 

Although I did not design this necklace I did make it, weaving each Swarovski crystal and pearl along with glass seed beads and string.

Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Bridal Necklace
I was so flattered that my husbands cousin trusted me enough to buy a piece of jewelry from me for her daughter to wear in her wedding.  I also made the earrings she wore.

This same necklace design will be worn by another bride in June but I made that one with white instead of cream pearls. 

Pearl necklace
Hopefully this is a glimpse of things to come.  I will be working on more of my own wedding designs and sharing them here soon. 

What is your favorite wedding jewelry?