Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Very First Wedding

Genuine Swarovski Pearls and Crystals handwoven necklace
This past Saturday a necklace I made was worn in a wedding.  This was such a special moment for me as a jewelry designer. 

Although I did not design this necklace I did make it, weaving each Swarovski crystal and pearl along with glass seed beads and string.

Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Bridal Necklace
I was so flattered that my husbands cousin trusted me enough to buy a piece of jewelry from me for her daughter to wear in her wedding.  I also made the earrings she wore.

This same necklace design will be worn by another bride in June but I made that one with white instead of cream pearls. 

Pearl necklace
Hopefully this is a glimpse of things to come.  I will be working on more of my own wedding designs and sharing them here soon. 

What is your favorite wedding jewelry?

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