Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love contests! I especially love winning contests (isn't that what we enter them for?). If you are a web surfer like me I'm sure you have seen your share of giveaways and contests on Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, etc.

I am not one to enter a contest or giveaway unless it is for something I really want.   Recently I entered a giveaway on a cool website called CraftGossip.   I found out yesterday that I won 5 jewelry books from Lark's Simply series.  These books sell for $10 each so this is a $50 prize!!.

I can't wait to get them and see all the new designs and ideas they hold!  Check out CraftGossip for yourself and see their other incredible giveaways...good luck to you!


  1. Thanks Gari Ann! I got the books yesterday and they sent me 2 additional harbound signed beading books that are awesome too!


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