Monday, July 2, 2012

7 Simple Steps to Cheap and Easy International Shipping

Are you selling internationally?  No?  Well, let  me help you make that leap by showing you how cheap and easy it can be.  I have sold internationally for the past few years and, so far, it has been a very good thing.

Actually my first sale on Etsy (from someone I didn't know)was to a lady in Great Britain who bought a pair of my wire wrapped ruby earrings. 
Ruby and gold wire wrapped earrings

 I have sent jewelry to Canada, England and, just the other day, Germany where my cobolt earrings will soon be worn at an engagement party (which is going to be held on the sea coast of Albania)! 
Cobolt Blue and gold earrings
It gives me a special little thrill knowing that something I made will be travelling farther than I ever have and will be worn by someone in a different country.

So...let me demystify the international shipment a bit.  Now remember, I live in the US so this is just my experience from my perspective.  I have found that most people think shipping internationally is way too expensive.  Some of this is due to Paypal because you can only ship the more expensive ways through Paypal (ie: Global Express, Express Mail International).  If you go to you will find good information and a MUCH cheaper way to send packages.

Here are 7 simple steps to shipping internationally:

1.  Go to and rest your mouse over Ship a Package so the drop down menu displays.  Choose Compare Services

2.  Make sure you choose the International tab

3.  Scroll down and choose First Class Mail International by clicking calculate prices.

4.  Select the Destination and the shape of your shipment (mine are always packages which includes a box or a thick envelope.

 5.  Whoa...look at these prices!!

 6.  Don't worry, I told you this would be much cheaper right?  Click the First Class Mail International Options to see what I was talking about.

7.  Next, click on the Customs Forms and Extra Services button at the bottom right.  You can actually fill out and print the customs form online now.  You still have to go to the post office to pay and ship (unless you use a service like, I think you can actually pay and print shipping from there).

So that's it...not so scary is it?  Now get out there and try it, you might make additional sales by opening up your options to international shipping.

Good Luck!!


  1. And the PO peeps will LOVE you if you fill them out online, because otherwise, they have to type out all your customs info into the computer and hold up the line. :) Good tips. I love my International orders.

    1. Aha, I didn't know that...thanks for the info!! It's easier for us too!!

  2. Great post about international shipping!


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